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Class of 1968

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New Selections - Revised Pages
Updated June 01 2015
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  • Waverly 68 Alumni in business
  • Picture Albums of the 60's at WHS
  • 2008 Reunion-Now with Picture Albums
  • The way we were - Elementary School
  • 1960's Fun page
  • Senior Class Picture
  •  Missing Classmates 
    Any idea how we can find them?

    Georgia Abbott
    Laura Abel
    Donna Beers
    Karin Bohman
    Janus Cooper
    Kenneth Domrowski
    Lawrence Dombrowski
    Marcia Dressel
    Paul Durling
    Stephen Gunsallus
    Donna Hoag
    Nancy Hubbard
    Sherry Hutchinson
    Jonathon Jones
    Jens Kulick
    Marilyn Miller
    Deanna Neller
    Mike Pattison
    Jerry Sine
    Rintha Spruill
    Nadine Stevenson
    Elizabeth Thronton
    Anne Worden

    If you know how to contact any of our missing classmates please email us.
     Deceased Classmates 
    We will always remember...

    David Butterfield
    Clarence A. Cherrette
    Lynanne Cone
    Milton Brown
    Michael Cline
    Kevin Cusick
    Sandra Foster
    David Gallinari
    Craig Hahn
    Barrett Hettinger
    Patrick Holcolm
    Rebecca Holcolm
    Greg Kuchuk
    Nancy Kempf
    Robert Lyman
    Jeff Miller
    Marcia Noel
    Craig Oppenlander
    Gregory Phillipson
    James Renton
    Brian Riley
    Sally Schmierer
    Lawrence Shelander
    John Viges
    Timothy Wickham

     The Waverly Class of 1968 

    Georgia Abbott
    Laura Abel
    Richard Adado
    William Adcock
    Bunnie Andrus
    Thomas Armstorng
    Marilyn Arnold
    Sandra Atherton
    Robin Ballance
    William Balon
    Donna Beers
    Penny Black
    Karen Bodine
    Karin Bohman
    Patrick Boog
    Julie Bradley
    Bonnie Brower
    Jacqueline Brown
    Milton Brown
    Larry Brunette
    Barry Bunch
    Cynthia Campbell
    Meredith Carl
    Clarence A. Cherrette
    Nancy Childs
    James Clark
    Michael Cline
    Lynanne Cone
    Linda Connick
    Marjorie Cook
    Janice Cooper
    Cynthia Corey
    Ceresta Cornelius
    Cathy Cruthers
    Gregory Cruthers
    Joseph Culp
    Susan Culver
    Kevin Cusick
    Richard Dalton
    Elizabeth Daman
    Lloyd Daniels
    Brent Danielson
    Cynthia Danzo
    Michael Davis
    Susan Davis
    Dana Delp
    Ronald Delp
    John DeMars
    Wallace DeMoss
    Michele Desmond
    JoAnn Deuel
    Lawrence Dobias
    Kenneth Dombrowski
    Lawrence Dombrowski
    Nadine Domres
    Marcia Dressel
    Leslie Drury
    Paul Durling
    Garry Dymond
    Kathryn Ericksen
    Cheryl Fishell
    Sandra Foster
    Charles Fortino
    Teri Franks
    Jane Frazier
    David Gallinari
    Arthur Giffen
    Jean Gillespie
    Annette Gravina
    Dee Griffin
    Sharon Groh
    Stephen Gunsallus
    Melvin Hager
    Craig Hahn
    Richard Hamrick
    Susan Hanes
    Susan Hardy
    Janis Harlin
    Deborah Hart
    Teresa Helfrich
    Craig Helmic
    Mark Herrick
    Barrett Hettinger
    William Hicks
    Randall Hill
    Donna Hoag
    Patrick Holcomb
    Rebecca Holcomb
    Theodore Holmberg
    Fay Horanburg
    Kenneth Horton
    Peggy Hovey
    Ronald Howard
    Nancy Hubbard
    Debby Hubble
    Charles Hulett
    Deborah Hulliberger
    Rebecca Humphrey
    Sandra Hunt
    Sherry Hutchinson
    David Ingram
    Karen Jameson
    Bradford Janetzke
    James Jeltema
    Daryel Jenks
    Harold (Bud) Jenks
    John Jenks
    Joanne Johnstin
    Jonathan Jones
    Laura Kapps
    John Keast
    Steve Kelbert
    Cheryl Kempf
    Nancy (Kempf) Schlosser
    Carole Kennaugh
    Marcy Kennedy
    Mark Kilmer
    Mary Chris King
    Laura Kivela
    Richard Klomparens
    Brenda Kronberg
    Linda Kronberg
    Greg Kuchuk
    Jens Kullick
    Nancy Landis
    Robert Leick
    Cheryl Leikam
    David Leisman
    Christine Lietzau
    Willis Lillard
    John Love
    Cynthia Ludlow
    Robert Lyman
    Rodger MacLennan
    Mona MacMillan
    James Makarauskas
    Susanne Maltby
    Stephen Mann
    Sharon Maran
    Marsha Mathews
    Judy Mayes
    Cynthia McKinch
    Ruth Means
    Dean Mellor
    Brenda Miles
    Jeffrey Miller
    Marilyn Miller
    Bill Monroe
    Daniel Murphy
    Deanna Neller
    Christopher Nelson
    Marcia Noel
    Craig Oppenlander
    Patricia Pantalone
    Sherry Patrick
    Michael Pattison
    Sharon Peterman
    John Phillips
    Mark Phillips
    Gregory Phillipson
    Edward Pike
    Jan Plenar
    Donald Plunkett
    Steven Pung
    Grant Putman
    Ken Ralston
    Curtis Reed
    Lenette Renie
    James Renton
    Brian Riley
    Terry Rood
    Monica Root
    Albert Rosario
    David Roth
    Terrence Rouhier
    Karen Rowell
    Elizabeth Schaefer
    Sally Schmierer
    Kris Schneider
    Douglas Sharp
    Lee Shelander
    Kathleen Simpson
    Lee Simpson
    Patricia Simser
    Gerald Sine
    Thomas Slater
    Sharon Smith
    Sandra Southwell
    Peter Michael Spagnuolo
    Rintha Spruill
    Nancy Stanaway
    Deborah Stanton
    Nadine Stevenson
    Wanda Stone
    Susan Stowell
    Eugene Strong
    Jerry Tanner
    Toni Taylor
    Gary Theaker
    Elizabeth Thornton
    Karen Tomlinson
    Connie Tousley
    Beverly Tucker
    Peter Underhill
    Fred Van Vleck
    George Vance
    John Viges
    Lanny Voss
    Marliss Waldron
    Linda Weeks
    David Weigel
    William Weinman
    Timothy Wickham
    Harold Douglas Williams
    Lorinda Williams
    Michael Woodard
    Ann Worden
    John Yatchak
    Petra Mary Ybarra
    Michael Young
    Pamela Zalewski
    Michael Zimmerman

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