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Bill Adcock    Lansing, Michigan


Marital status: Married
Spouse Suzi (Suzanne)
Kids 3 kids
Working In business for 30 years, Builders-Developers-Realty-Design, $10 million annual sales
Hobbies Collect classic & antique cars

Tom Armstrong    Bay City, Michigan


Marital status Single
Spouse Girlfriend-Sheila Hamilton (Sault Ste Marie, Ont. Canada)
Kids Sara Armstrong (25) Indianapolis, In. & Elizabeth Armstrong 22) Auburn, Mi.
Working Hemlock Elevator & Farm Supply, Hemlock Mi. (22Yrs.)
Retirement Plans Slow down a 1/2 step - then fish ,hunt , & travel...Hopefully spoil my future grandchildren!
Hobbies Travel to & from Sault Ste. Marie...Attend Country music concerts, Snowmobile, & Hunt Colo., or Wyoming, or Montana every 3 yrs. (this year Colo., Hope to see Bill Wienman Sept. 12th)

It's unfortunate that I only spent Jr. & Sr. year with this group. I didn't do very well naming the 5th grade class.

Marilyn L. Arnold   Eaton Rapids, Michigan


Marital status Married
Spouse Charles Leiby
Kids Nicholas Leiby (24) - 'Olivet College', Valerie Leiby (21) - 'LCC Nursing program
GrandKids None
Working 1) Pro-Choice Rehab Agency - Home care, 2) Occupational Therapy Services - Home care, 3) HCM - 3day/wk
Retirement Plans Travel - visit every roller coaster park in US. Would love to baby-sit grandchildren if or when I become a grandmother.
Hobbies Travel trailer for camping on weekends, gardening & landscaping, reading, church activities, family gatherings at nearby cottage, eating out.

My husband was in Vietnam war. Lived in Tacoma, WA for 2 yrs before returning to Michigan.
Graduated from WMU in 1972 in Occupational Therapy.

Sandra Atherton    Lansing, Michigan

Kids 22 & 33 (boys)
GrandKids 4 & 6 (girls)
Working Michigan State AFL-CIO H.R.D.I.

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Robin Ballance    Lansing, Michigan


Kids 2 grown children: son (23), daughter (18)
Working Insurance company
Retirement Plans Don't know yet - too far away
Hobbies Golf, gardening, cross country skiing, enjoying the outdoors and the beauty of nature.

I'm happy, independent and enjoy life once day at a time.

Bill Balon


Marital status: Married 42 years
Spouse: Marsha
Kids: Jim, 42 and Christy, 40
Grandkids: 4 grand sons and on grand daughter
Working: Still working : Bayer Healthcare

I have a degree in electronics and have worked in this industry for 41 years. Currently manufacturing Blood Glucose Monitors at Bayer. Have traveled all over the world with my work.

Karen Bodine    DeWitt, Michigan

Marital status Married
Spouse Ray
Kids Kristy (24) Step: Stacey (34), Scott (36)
GrandKids Gunnar (9), Morgan (8), Scottie (6) all step
Working State of Michigan
Retirement Plans Would like to travel. Kristy just moved to Portland, OR. Also, want to spend more time with the grandkids!
Hobbies I love working outside. Working, walking, etc.

To DeWitt: Ray's business. He was/is a builder and most of his work was in the Lansing and DeWitt area.

Patrick Boog     Haslett, Michigan

Marital status: Single
Kids: Three Daughters, Lindsey 27, Kristen 17, Nicole 14
Working: Still a practicing attorney - Patrick J. Boog, Attorney at Law, PLC
Hobbies: Snow Skiing, enjoying time with my family
Retirement Plan: I don't plan on retiring.

Marital status: Married
Spouse Lori Boog
Kids: 3 daughters: Lindsey (19), Kristen (9) and Nicole

Working: I am a practicing attorney in the East Lansing, MI area.
RetirementI don't plan on retiring.
HobbiesI golf, snow ski and enjoy time with my family.

I chose to stay in the greater Lansing area to stay close to family.

Bonnie Brower    Grand Ledge, Michigan
Marital status Married
Spouse: Rick Schuon since 1973
Kids: Michael 35, Kristy 32, Cora 16. Michael is still single, Kristy is married to Ryan Campbell and has 2 kids, Cora is still at home. Grandkids or step-grandkids Tori 11, J.T., 7
Working At home doing custom china-painting and glass shades for antique lamps.

I Graduated from Western Michigan Univ. in 1972 did a little teaching and worked at Capitol Savings & Loan until I had kids - then stayed home with them. Lived in Traverse City for 7 yrs, moved back to Lansing area in 1986. Moved to an 80 acre farm in Grand ledge in 2000. Enjoy horseback riding, volunteering at the hospital, massaging preemies and china painting.

Jacqueline Brown    Garrettsville, Ohio


Marital status Divorced
Kids 2 boys, 21 & 19
Working Kraftmaid
Retirement Plans Retired??? What is that??? LOL
Hobbies I have little spare time now, but I have two old mares that I ride. weave and sew. I love to bake

Deserted in Cleveland by X. Came from northern MI.
Did you see "Romey and Michelle?" I am sure I was one of them! LOL
I am sorry I cannot attend the reunion and I am not high tech enough to be able to send a picture.

Larry Brunette    Lansing, Michigan


Marital status Divorced
Working Self Employed. Real Estate Appraiser
Retirement Plans Golf, Fish, Work
Hobbies Golf, Fish

Came back from military and never left.

Barry Bunch    Mason, Michigan

Marital status Married
Spouse Debbie
Kids 2 kids, 1 stepkid: 33, 30, 22
GrandKids 5 grandkids: 9, 7, 5, 4, 1
Working GM in Mansfield, Ohio

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Cindy Campbell    Portland, Michigan


Marital status Married
Spouse Michael S. Swix
Kids Rock (married to Kathie) Swix, Greg (married to Kelly) Swix, Brian (married to Karin) Swix, and my son, Justin Guthrie (age 30)
GrandKids Savannah Swix (8), Mickey Swix (5), Brennan Swix (4)
Working Accountant and Legal Administrator for the Farhat & Story Law Firm
Retirement Plans Retirement (?)
Hobbies Gardening, Genealogy, and Golf

My husband worked in Grand Rapids and I worked in Lansing. If you have a business that your classmates might want to patronize please tell us about it: I work with a great group of attorneys at Farhat & Story, a general practice law firm.

Meredith Carl     DeWitt, Michigan

2011 Marital status Married
Spouse Jack Miller
Kids Melissa Smith (38), Lindsey Hamburger (35), Ryan Miller (32)
GrandKids Ian James MacQueen (10), Katie Marie Miller(8), Meredith Katharine Smith (6), Henrik Jackson Hamburger (19 mos.)
Working I own my own interior design business, "Meredith's Interiors"
Retirement Plans Have fun with family and friends, travel, pursue more watercolor painting, golf, and education.
Hobbies I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I like to golf, do most anything around water, travel, read and enjoy life
Anything else you'd like your classmates to know about you? Just keep in touch-love hearing about everyone's lives
Marital status Married
Spouse Jack Miller
Kids Melissa MacQueen (30), Lindsey Mills (27), Ryan Miller (23)
GrandKids Ian James MacQueen (3), Katie Marie Miller, (6 mos.)
Working I own my own interior design business, "Meredith's Interiors"
Retirement Plans Have fun with family and friends, pursue more watercolor painting, golf, travel and education.
Hobbies I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I like to golf, do most anything around water, paint, read and enjoy life.
Anything else you'd like your classmates to know about you? I've really enjoyed and appreciated hearing about them.

Nancy Childs    East Lansing, Michigan


Marital status Divorced
Kids Stephanie Bartholomew Lerma (25), Allison Bartholomew (22)
GrandKids Cadence Lerma (2),Ja Nessa Bartholomew (1)
Working Retired - 32 years with Mich. Legislature
Hobbies Elementary school mentor, community volunteer, travel, gardening, sporting events

Linda Connick     Lake, Michigan

Marital status Married
Spouse Ted Flaugher
Kids Shannon (31), Jennifer (27)
GrandKids None at this time
Working Semi - retired
Retirement Plans Enjoying life , spending time with friends & family. Traveling , golfing, fishing, skiing, camping anything I would like to do !!!!

We just Decided It Was Time To Move Somewhat To The North . To Enjoy Peace &Quiet With The Enjoyment Of Wild Life Sharing Your Back Yard. Enjoy Grandchildren Whenever That May Take Place. !!!!

Cathy Cruthers    Trenton, New Jersey

Marital status Single
Kids None
Working Dept. of Human Services, State of New Jersey
Retirement Plans I was planning on moving back to Michigan.
Hobbies Travel, museums, classes/courses, but mostly walking the dog.

It's the same as at our 25th reunion (I think!). Michigan-marriage-> New York divorce ->New Jersey.

Greg Cruthers     Grand Ledge, Michigan

Marital status Married
Spouse Sylvia
Kids two aged 29 & 26
GrandKids one 2 months old
Working Some. Art Craft (trade show business)

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Betsy Daman    Okemos, Michigan


Marital status Married 34 yrs
Spouse Dean Baker
Kids Steven (33) & Virginia (28)
Working Retired once as a pre-school teacher. Now working at Okemos Food Service
Hobbies Golf, swimming, walking, painting, gardening
Why living where you are now? Husband's job

Brent Danielson     Manistee, Michigan



Marital status Married 1973
Spouse Nancy Stewart
Kids 2
GrandKids 2
Working Retired March 2011 from the District Court bench in Manistee, Mi after 26 years.
Retirement plans Florida in winters, golf, read, and write.
Hobbies I golf an insane amount of my life away.

1972 - Olivet College (BA), 1976 Cooley Law School (JD)

Mike Davis    Green Valley, AZ


Marital status Married
Spouse Kathy (Groomer, class of 71)
Kids Christopher, 36.
GrandKids step-grandchild Brian, 22
Working Retired in '06.
Retirement Plans Play
Hobbies I play golf 4 to 5 days a week and practice one additional day. There are workout facilities, bike riding, racketball, pickleball, hiking in the mountains. My wife plays a lot of tennis, (I blew an ankle apart and am reluctant to start up again). Whatever you want to do there is a club here to do it.

After graduating from MSU ('76) I knew I had to go south for warm weather. My first job was in St Louis (medical procedural kits) and was laid off after 7 months. Then went to Ft Worth, TX (Ophthalmic surgery and Rx) for 10 years. Changed company's and ended up in Kansas City (medical devices and Rx) for 7 years. Dow purchased the company and it went downhill real fast. Moved to Memphis, TN (Orthopedic implants) for 5 years. Back to Ft Worth where I retired in '06. The winter of '07 was real cold and started looking for a better location. Found it in Green Valley, AZ, 20 miles south of Tucson. We are at an elevation of 3,000 feet and most every night the temp drops 30 degrees. Over 300 days of sunshine. Weather is great.

Dana Delp     Lansing, Michigan


Working Federal Forge, Inc. - QC Dept. Also, Jerry Holloways - real estate license
Retirement Plans Sell real estate, boating, fishing & deer hunting
Hobbies Boating, fishing and deer hunting.

I will be heading to Red Wing, MN for the FLW - Walmart RCL Walleye Championship on Sept. 28, 2003. 1st place is $75,000 cash! This tournament will be the greatest walleye championship in history.

John DeMars    Glen, Virginia


Marital status Married
Spouse Hea
Kids 2 boys, 22 & 19
Working or Retired Both. I retired in 1991 from the US Army after 22 years of service. Currently working on my second retirement with the Department of Defense at Fort Eustis, VA.
When I retired from the military in 1991, at Falls Church, VA, I received several job offers and took the one that would allow me to still provide service assisting military personnel after retirement.
Retirement Plans I plan to travel the USA and Overseas and enjoy retired life.
Hobbies Camping, traveling and fishing.

I am currently the Nightshift Traffic Management Supervisor in the Emergency Operation Center Fort Eustis, Va.
Our mission is to move all branches of military service and family members, to include cargo and munitions in both peacetime or war anywhere in the world.

Michelle Desmond    Newago, Michigan


Marital status Married
Spouse Nicholas Timmer, III
Kids 3 each: Mine: Denelle Milstead (33), April Adado (33) (married to Tom) , Jerry Milstead (26) (married to Lisa).
Step: Nicholas Timmer, IV (35), Amy Losee (33) (married to Jeff), Amanda Stafford (31) (Married to Bud)
GrandKids 2 each: Andrew Adado (6), Joshua Adado (4), Alexander Stafford (3) , Kendall Elizabeth Losee (1)
Working "Retired"
Retirement Plans We enjoy travel, entertaining, book collecting, antiquing, golf and gardening
Hobbies Most of the time is spent gardening or traveling (except summer - we entertain constantly).
Major trips include: London, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, sailing in the British Virgin Islands, and pulling our travel trailer through Ottawa, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island for a month last fall.

We loved it so much at our cottage on Kimball Lake between Newago and Fremont that we bought property across the lake and built our retirement home 4 years ago. Previous to that I left Lansing to marry Nick and live in Grand Rapids.
Until "retirement" I was the Administration assistant to the Superintendent of Holland Public Schools. Nick was Assoc. Superintendent of Kent Intermediate School district. While in Lansing I was involved with the Michigan Prayer Network, the Greater Lansing Pastor's Prayer Network and the Annual Christian Prayer Breakfast.

Larry Dobias    Haslett, Michigan


Marital status Married
Spouse Linda S. Dobias
Kids None
Working BRD Printing, Inc. (Sales)
Retirement Plans Who can afford to retire?
Hobbies Bicycle touring, rollerblading, hiking, camping, cartooning, writing

JoAnn Deuel    Marquette, Michigan


Marital status Single
Kids Zach (26)lives in Oulu, Finland, scientific researcher, X-cty ski racer; Drew (23) student at WMU, maj German/integrated supply mgt; Steve (20) freestyle skier, works in landscape/garden design.
GrandKids one grand puppy
Working Working at Marquette General Hospital as a certified surgical tech, also I work as a liaison between MGH and Vanguard a company that does our medical reprocessing of supplies. Also still an artist; I do some exhibits and shows
Retirement Plans Not real sure, but I plan to devote more time to my art, & travel
HobbiesI do lots of gardening, travel overseas often as I can- to see my kids and explore new places.

We were living in Ann Arbor, too much crime, people; bad place to raise kids-Up is beautiful-great place to raise kids.

Kathy Ericksen    Grand Rapids, Michigan


Marital status Divorced
Kids David (25), Mary (21), Daniel (19)
Working Own my own shop: East Fulton Art & Antiques in Grand Rapids
Retirement Plans Keep working
I spend all of my time on my business. I refurbish all of the antiques and furniture I buy (if they need it). I also upholster anything that needs reupholstering. I make custom lamp shades, slipcovers, and pillows for clients, also. Those kinds of things were all hobbies that turned into a living and are still loads of fun!

I lived with my ex-husband in MA for over 20 yrs (although, we did live in West Virginia for 7 years and our 3 kids were born there). He did his PhD and Post Doc at UMass, Amherst and taught at Smith College. I taught elementary school there. After our divorce, I moved to Grand Rapids, with the kids, to live nearer my family who had moved here from Lansing. During the time we lived in WV, I went back to school and became a registered nurse. Worked in emergency rooms until I just got too tired of it and "the thrill was gone" over 20 years.

As I explained above, my business is my hobby, "is my life." I am having a ball. I woke up one morning during my youngest son's senior year of high school and realized that life was too short not to "live a dream". I had always wanted to own my own business and be in charge of my own destiny (with God's help and direction, of course). I did not want to be 80 yrs. old, living in a nursing home, and wishing I had pursued my dream. Well, third time's a charm I hope. First teaching, then nursing, now my own art & antique business.

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Chuck Fortino


Marital status Married
Spouse Sheila
Kids Kristen Fortino (37), Steve Fortino (36), David Fortino (34), Rick Slaght (31), Stefani Slaght (30)
Grandkids Emily Fortino (10), Matthew Fortino (9 ) Elizabeth Fortino (5), Drew Fortino (5), Lindsey Fortino (3) one more on the way in September
Working Demmer Corporation- Lansing
Retirement plans Golf, spend time in Florida and up north. Attend sporting events.

I'm back home. I worked and lived in the Detroit area for 6 yrs. I got the opportunity to work out of my home for a new company so I was able to return to the Lansing area 6 years ago. I'm really ready to retire as soon as possible

Marital status Divorced - engaged
Fiancee's name Sheila Slaght
Kids Kristen Fortino (29), Steve Fortino (28), David Fortino (26)
Grandkids Emily Fortino (3), Matthew Fortino (17 mo.)
Working Jade Company - Houston, TX Headquarters
Hobbies Golf, MSU sports

I'm back home. I worked & lived in the Detroit area for 6 yrs. I got the opportunity to work out of my home for a new company so I was able to return to the Lansing area 6 years ago. I am engaged to be married on October 25th, 2003.

Jane Frazier    Lansing Michigan

Autobiography of Jane Frazier Meddaugh

The Beginning:
Born and raised in the same house, I lived on Winifred St. near the corner of Saginaw and Winifred. At the time it was a dirt road and our mailing address was on RR 17; no zip codes then. My phone number was (Ivanhoe) IV 40626. My dad was a reporter/editor for the Lansing State Journal and my Mom was a stay at home mother who did a lot of volunteer work for the Sparrow Hosp. Women's Assoc. She was also on the Women's Board of Managers and worked with Brent Danielson's Dad on occasion. I was a Tomboy who would rather play football, basketball and softball over dollies any day. In fact one of my most horrible memories was the day my Mom called me into the house during a neighborhood football game in our front yard to forcibly harness me with my first training bra! Ugh! I was 11 and didn't want anything to do with BOOBS! I have to admit though on rainy days I did play paper dolls, standing up the cardboard folders to make rooms of a house. My favorites were Rickey Nelson, Kookie and Candace Bergan. Believe it or not, I still have them stored in the basement. Other interests included playing with my Gilbert chemistry set, board games like Monopoly, Sorry and Clue and watching TV shows on our black and white Sylvania. Howdy Doody time, Dr. Kildare, Ben Casey, Bonanza, Dobie Gillis and Laugh In.

Elementary School: Bretton Woods was my elementary school and I was classmates with Ricky Hamerick, Dick Klomparens, Billy Adcock, Nancy Stanaway, Linda Weeks, John Keast and many others. Jerry Tanner was my best friend and next door neighbor. We played marbles together every summer day and rode our bikes everywhere together. In Jr. High I met a group of kids who would be together for the rest of their school days, it was the band. Remember the seat challenges to move up in chairs? Mr. Kell, Mr. Moe and Mr. Crocker would put the challenger and the challangee behind closed doors in the storage room. We each played a piece and the student picked the best performance. Laura Kivela held off most challenges in my speciality, the clarinet. I was happy when she switched to oboe. My homeroom was for the "f's" so Teri Franks, Chuck Fortino and I were always grouped together. Since we were all MSU fans it worked out well.

To High School and beyond: I decided I was going to be a gym teacher. Partially because I was a jock and mostly I adored Miss Shirley Cook and wanted to be just like her. Fast forward four years I was accepted into Western Michigan University studying to be a Physical Education teacher.

Tragedy Strikes:
My high school sweetheart, George Kline (class of 1969) purposed to me in 1970. Tragically he was killed in a freak accident cutting down a tree a month before the wedding. At Miss Cook's encouragement I transferred to MSU to continue my college studies. I worked as a physical therapy tech at a local nursing home. In the summer of 1970 Shirley Cook and I went to Europe for three weeks, renting a VW Bus and traveling all through Germany, Austria, Italy and France. We had a ball. It was very therapeutic in my grief.

Life Goes On: Later that year, in fact on Halloween, I made one of my daily trips over to Tug's to by junk food and Alpine cigarettes, I confronted Tug's son Ron and asked him if he was ever going to take me out. He scrambled to get someone to work for him and we went on our first date to the Mall Theater to see Catch 22. We have been together ever since, just recently celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary. We still live in the Waverly area.

Employment: For the next few years I worked for Delta Township off and on setting up voting machines for elections, secretarial work for various departments and then in 1976 I hired in full time in the assessor's office. This is not a job you yearn for growing up, but it paid the bills. The next thing I knew I was a certified Michigan Assessor pulling in a very acceptable income with benefits and for the next 13 years I was appraising property in Delta Twp. In 1991 I went to East Lansing, retiring in 2010 as the City Assessor.

Parenthood: In 1989 we adopted a baby boy and became parents, late in life. Where folks our age were becoming grandparents we were just starting out, with the benefit of being financially set and wise enough to deal with the small stuff. Our son went through the Waverly Schools, graduating in 2007.

Travels: Every spring break or summer vacation we took a trip. Many of the trips were to Florida and several out west to the beautiful National Parks in Utah, Arizona, California and Wyoming to mention a few. The Great Smokie Mountains was a favorite place of ours. We rented a cabin in the mountains and scoured the woods, rivers and streams for beauty in nature.

Hobbies: With the digital camera technology my husband and I took up amateur photography as a hobby. We photo shop, mat and frame and I must admit our images look pretty good. We also camped, migrating from the tent in the early years, graduating to a pop up and on to a pop out Jayco travel trailer with bedroom, bath living and kitchen. Luxurious. Unfortunately in 1999 Ron, a firefighter for Delta Twp was injured on the job and forced to disability. We had to give up camping and go the resort and hotel scene for accommodations. But it works. We both love to golf and are season ticket holders to MSU Basketball. We have a run about open bow boat that scoots along at about 50 mph. It is great fun on hot summer weekends on Lake Michigan. It is equipped with tubing gear and fishing gear.

Aches and Pains: Getting old is a bitch. I'm overweight, have had two back surgeries, two knee surgeries, my tonsils out when I was 45 years old, carpal tunnel surgery and the worst freak accident. In 2008 I took my spirited hound dog for a walk. Using one of those retractable leashes, we were just mosey'n along when the dog spotted another dog in the park. He took off on a dead run and when he reached the end of the lead, it snapped. He kept on a going and the leash recoiled at a speed faster than light itself. Before I knew what was happening it struck me in the right eye and knocked me out cold. The eye was bleeding from the inside out and after being bedridden for three weeks I was left with an injured eye. The muscles that dilate and constrict were destroyed. I can see a bit out of it still but the fact it does not constrict makes it uber sensitive to light. Plus it looks weird to look at it. I'm diabetic now also, but I actually feel pretty good, especially if I can still play golf.

Tragedy Strikes Again: I am an orphan as so many of us are now. My Dad passed away in 1995 and my Mom in 1997. Then; how do I say this-.well , our son suffered from manic depression. He was in a very dark place for the last year or so. Happy when he was with his friends, terribly unhappy when he was not distracted. On March 7, 2011 he took his own life and we are now in total despair, devastated by our loss, looking for answers to so many unanswered questions. Our hearts are broken and our life as we knew it will never be the same. Experts tell us the pain will ease but never go away. It will be two to three years before we find joy in our lives again. Let the healing begin with fond memories sustaining us and peace be afforded our beloved son who has transcended from the darkness to the light. Not a very happy ending to my story. Sorry, maybe next time.


Marital status Married
Spouse Ron Meddaugh
We still live in the Bretton Woods/Waverly area and we became late in life parents in 1989. We have a fourteen year old son who is a freshman at Waverly. He is in the class of 2007. He has had Mr. Shepard, Mr. Taft and Mr. Lincolnhol as teachers or counselors. I couldn't believe they were still around.
Never in a million years would I have ever guessed that when I grew up I would be a Tax Assessor. Thirty-five years ago I had no idea what one was let alone think I'd be one, but it pays the bills and puts food on the table. And believe it or not, it has been a satisfying career, because I have found ways to turn it into something fun and whenever I can I always find ways to help people out.

Most of you remember me as the female John Yatchak, tagged as the most athletic girl in the class of 1968.

I headed off to Western Michigan University chasing a teaching degree in physical education, hoping to be my mentor Miss Shirley Cook's pride and joy.

I was on course for about three years until love, then tragedy, and then love again, interfered with my plans and sidetracked me forever.

In 1970 I toured Europe with Miss Cook in a Volkswagen bus. Together we re-evaluated my plans and goals. I transferred to MSU where I continued my college education and regrouped from the curves life had thrown me. Until…I stopped into Tug's Market one night.(You remember the friendly corner grocery at Robbins and Saginaw)? I asked Tug's son Ron, who I had been flirting with for 10 years if he would ever get up the nerve to ask me out. We have been together ever since.

I went to work in the family store with my husband Ron, until the business was sold in late 1973. It was a favorite hangout of many '68 Alumni, well, at least the beer coolers were. It is now the site of a Fifth Third Bank.

Ron went to work as a firefighter/medic with Delta Township Fire Dept. and I worked for the Township Clerk during elections, setting up voting machines. That job evolved into helping the Township Assessor, performing clerical work.

My career track made it's final turn when I decided appraising was a job I could do, so I took off on a course of study in local government financing, assessment administration and property descriptions and eventually I became a certified appraiser that evolved into a full time career.

My first 13 years were at Delta Township, and now I am with the City of East Lansing. I have been there for 12 years. I am also the President of our Employees Union, which is almost a full time job, but a position I absolutely love.

My husband was injured on the job and is now totally disabled and retired from the fire service. I still have a few years left with the City of East Lansing before I can retire, plus we will have a kid just entering college when everyone else is watching their grandchildren graduating. My parents are both deceased and my only brother lives in Idaho.

My wish for the future is that I am not on the "In Memory Of" list for the 40th Reunion!

Annette Gravina    Seattle, Washington


Marital status Not Married
Kids Erika (34) and Ryan (32)
GrandKids 2 granddaughters: Riley (2 1/2 yrs.) and Rachel, (1 yr.)
Working In between jobs-relocating from Hemet, CA to Seattle, WA
Retirement Plans Travel, dance, theatre, volunteer work.
How did you end up living where you are now? Long story! If you're interested, you know my e-mail address!
Hobbies Right now, most of my time is spent working! Hoping to make more time for fun!

I'm healthy and happy!

Jean Gillespie    Sacramento, California


Marital status Married
Spouse Dave
Kids Emily, age 20
Working I work for the Girl Scouts in Sacramento as an Assistant Executive Director
Retirement Plans
Hobbies Most of my "spare time" the last few years has been spent on the road going to our daughter's tennis tournaments.

I graduated from Michigan State University in 1972 and got married 4 years later.
I worked for the Department of Social Services in Michigan, and then the Muscular Dystrophy Association in Pittsburgh prior to moving to CA. Moved to CA in 1979 for husband's job. I have worked for the Girl Scouts for the last 23 years. My husband, Dave owns his own money management firm and our daughter, Emily is a junior at Ohio State where she plays on the tennis team. I have really enjoyed living in California, however, if Arnold becomes governor, I may have to move!

Sharon Groh    Lansing, Michigan


Marital status Married
Spouse Dennis
Kids 0
Working State of MI, Dept. of Community Health
Retirement Plans Travel
Hobbies Decorating, traveling, enjoying friends

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Susan Hanes    Fowler, Michigan


Marital status Married
Spouse Gary L. Thelen
Kids Christopher Omer (31), Diane Omer (28), Gary Thelen Jr. (36), Todd Thelen (35), Kristi Bertram (30)
GrandKids Seven total: 11, 5, 5, 3, 2, 1, 8 mo.
Working First National Acceptance Company
Retirement Plans Travel and garden
Hobbies Camping and day hiking

I moved to Fowler in '96 when Gary and I married. I hope everyone is happy and well.

Susan Hardy    Haslett, Michigan


Marital status Married
Spouse Denny Stiles
Kids 1 child, Mike (25)
Working Delta Dental Plan
Retirement Plans Sail the great lakes. We had a sailboat for 10 years, sold it because we were too busy with other things. I yearn to do it again.
Hobbies Aerobics, gardening, skiing, golfing-(well, kinda golfing)

We returned to Lansing after Denny and I were in Europe while he served in the Army. Moved to Haslett (nearby community) after we had Mike.

Jan Harlin    Holt, Michigan


Marital status Met my future husband on New Year's Eve (12/31/70 on a blind date, thanks to Pete Holcomb, class of'67) and married Gary R. Morrow on 5/20/72. Hard to believe we've been together 31 years!
Spouse Gary R. Morrow
Kids Son, Geoffrey Ryan born 8/8/80. He's 23, a senior at Western Michigan University, and will graduate in April 2004. Daughter, Jamie Lyn born 2/19/86. She's 17, a senior at Holt High School, and will graduate in June 2004
GrandKids No grandkids yet.
Working I have worked at Capitol National Bank in Lansing for 11 years. I'm a Credit Assistant, a liaison between the loan dept and bank officers. Before CNB I worked at Michigan National Bank for 19 1/2 years. I really love banking!
Retirement Plans I've not even thought about retirement at this point!

After my parents moved to Illinois in 1969, I stayed here to continue going to MSU and I never left, except when we moved to Holt, which is 10 miles south of Lansing, to enjoy the "country" life.

I am a docent at Potter Park Zoo. We give educational tours at the zoo and we do outreach programs at schools, churches, scouting groups and special events where we take different animals to give people a chance to see and touch them up close and learn about the different species. I also like car shows, summer outdoor music concerts, football, basketball and hockey games, flower gardens, plays, crafts and reading. I just started reading book #3 of the Harry Potter series. Back in 1977 we took a motorcycle trip to Colorado ( just two couples--Mike Young and his wife and us) and did we have a blast! That was the most adventuresome event I have ever done, except for tackling roller coasters at Cedar Point for the first time 10 years ago!

Deborah Hart    Perry, Michigan


Marital status Married
Spouse Greg
Kids Kae, Kelle, Kris-Tina
GrandKids Jacub, Joshua, Jamie, Jennah, Chandler, Allison, Kennedy, Kellen
Working Retired from State of Mi, Treasury Dept. Been working part-time at Younkers for the last 8 years. Also started a home based business, Tastefully Simple, 3 years ago. I have 3 people under me and enjoy it a lot. If familiar with our product and need anything or would like to have a party, let me know and will be glad to help out.
Hobbies Do a lot of walking and running. I watch Kellen one day a week (sometimes more and sometimes more kids). Am looking to spring 2012 when we will be taking a trip to Alaska to nephew's graduation from UofAF.
How did you end up living where you are now? Greg decided he wanted to build a house. So he gave it a shot (and keeps adding to it---so I'll probably never move again).


Marital status Married
Spouse Greg
Kids Kae (30), Kelle (29), Kris-Tina (20)
Working State of Mi., - Treasury Dept.
Retirement Plans Travel and help my husband, he's starting a dog (Newfoundlands) business
Hobbies When I'm not working or we're not traveling around watching Kris-Tina playing basketball in college I work part-time at a "fun" job at Mervyn's.

Greg decided he wanted to build a house. So he gave it a shot (and keeps adding to it-so I'll probably never move again).

Teresa Helfrich    Mulliken, Michigan


Marital status Widow
Kids I have 3 children: 1 boy (40) & twin girls (39), 5 step kids ages: 43, 43, 40, 39, 38
GrandKids 4 grandkids & 9 step grandkids
Working Retired
Retirement Plans Move up north and travel the U.S.
HobbiesI read, knit or crochet or get on the computer.

When my husband & I were married we were in an apartment and we wanted a house of our own so we looked for a place and found this property.


Marital status Married
Spouse Michael E. Hanson
Kids I have 3 children: 1 boy (33) & twin girls (32), 5 step kids ages: 35, 35, 33, 32, 30
GrandKids 4 grandkids & 9 step grandkids
Working Retired
Retirement Plans Move up north and travel the U.S.
Hobbies I read, knit or crochet or get on the computer.

When my husband & I were married we were in an apartment and we wanted a house of our own so we looked for a place and found this property.

Mark Herrick     Sarasota, Florida

Mark Herrick, Governor Jennifer Granholm    

Mark's musical and art career has been extensive. This will show you some of his work and career.

There are a few prints left of "The Love Letter" (Click to see) shown on page eight of the document above. It is a beautiful classic style.
All prints of his paintings were very limited editions. Once sold there will be no more. Christmas is coming! Fine art is always appreciated

Contact Mark if you'd like to own one. You can email him regarding this print, or if you just want to keep in touch. Mark would be glad to hear from you. His address: m.herrick25@comcast.net

Michigan's DNR (Department of Natural Resources) also published Marks works for children. It's a huge site for kids
and great for learning about Michigan. ( cartoon drawing lessons is one feature! ).

You will enjoy it yourself!Check this out this with your grandkids.

I was working in Venice Florida in Stain Glass art studio with a friend. I use to etch tropical fish on glass creating novelty items to sell in the beach stores down there. We also use to market imported seashells from the Caribbean islands as products to resell. One day, I reached into a shell bin and found a seashell that had the face of Christ in the shell. This was not your typical perfect image of the master. It was a little funny looking with fat cheeks ... sort of a friendly looking image of someone who was kind and someone who is real.

I showed it to my friend; the shop owner and asked if I could have the shell for a gift to give to my mother. He said sure ... He didn't think much of the shell at the time and gave the shell to me. I kept it for over twenty-five years not really knowing what to do with it. I always wanted to have it trimmed in gold with a nice chain and give it to my mother. But as it goes ... it just remained in a little white jewelry box for years.

Over the last four years I have been going to Lansing to play guitar with a friend named; Jon Opdyke. I have known Jon since I was four years old and growing up by the Fisher Body Plant. We both went to Verlinden Street Elementary together. Jon and I got into playing Santana music and Latin Jazz a few years ago. Over the last four years, I began writing songs for our jam sessions. I put together over 60+ songs. We had some latino friends who showed up "off and on" and they played the congas and sang. We sounded pretty close to Santana with our music.

During this last year, I decided I would try and record some of these original songs. I have a great home studio with 3 computers and all the musical equipment I would ever need so, I started building songs. There was no artwork to do anyway! After four years of writing and a year of production I was able to put together 12 songs and build this album. I had to do the album solo because Jon and the others couldn't find the time to work on them having the daily struggles, routines and ( mexicans > fishing ). I had just finished the final mastering of my song called ... From the Heart ... when, I had a heart attack. During my heart attack I prayed to God to let me live in order to see this work through. So I thank Him for letting me live to share the work with others.

Cristos Isla CD Cover

The songs on the cd are... 
  • 1. Become One 
  • 2. Isla Invitation
  • 3. The Island Song
  • 4. Fuego ( Fire ) 
  • 5. Ondas ( Waves )
  • 6. Paradise Sky  
  • 7. Caliente Sol ( Hot Sun )
  • 8. See Shell ( about the miracle seashell )
  • 9. Warning Drums
  • 10. Waterfall
  • 11. Seven Seas
  • 12. From the Heart

    These original songs are have a Santana style lead guitar with more horns and strings. They have great latin beats.
    The Christos Isla album will be available on cdBaby.comand iTunes, etc. in early October 2009 for downloads.
    See the "Links" page on this first site....www.christos-isla.com

    There is a second site with a great spiritual message. www.christos-isla.net

    A Big Thanks!...  to all my classmates and friends who sent me emails and cards to get well soon. 

    I really do appreciate your support!


    More information is available as well as sound clips at www.christos-isla.com

  • Bill Hicks    Lansing, Michigan


    Marital status Married 30 years
    Spouse Debby
    Kids Jennifer (28) married to Scott, Nathan (26) married to Jodi, Jacob (24), Will (21)
    GrandKids Ethan (3 months)
    Working Semi-retired, The Cottage Gardens, Inc
    Retirement Plans Travel more!
    Hobbies What hobbies do you have or how do you spend your spare time? Play banjo, travel, bike, hike, kayak,boat

    Randy Hill    Titusville, Florida


    Marital status Married
    Professional titles Several computer software
    Hobbies Still play Golf. My son (Ryan) and I play with Model Trains.

    I have lived in Titusville FL since January 1980 My favorite job was working on the Space Shuttle program.I am most proud of working on the Space Shuttle program at the time of STS-1.

    Ted Holcomb    Lansing, Michigan

    Pictures Unavailable at this time


    Marital status Im married to Michele Main who graduated 2 years after us from Waverly. Also, we will be married 40 years this November
    Spouse Michele Main
    Kids I have one child, Josh, who is married and has two girls, one 5 and one, 2 years old.
    Working I’m still selling cars at Bud Kout's Chevy (for the past 35 years). I'm considering retiring in the next couple of years and am reading two books on retirement. I still see and sell to several of the people we went to school with.

    I'm not all that in love with the Internet, Facebook and Twitter, but because so many are using these mediums I've had to bend and learn to communicate this way. I have read and enjoyed many of the comments of our fellow students but, as I say, this is not my prefered way of communication.

    Fay Horanburg   Fountain CO


    Marital status Married 42 years
    Spouse David
    Kids Daughter Amy (41), Son Robert (38)
    GrandKids We adopted grandson David (16), Destiny (8) Kayla (9), Wyatt (4), Brenden (3).
    Working Social Security disability.
    Retirement Plans I breed pugs. My site is: pikespeakpugs.com.

    Colorado is great, weather is much nicer than MI. We breed Pugs, camp & go quadding.


    Marital status: Married
    Spouse David
    Kids: Daughter-Amy (34), Son Robert (31)
    GrandKids David (8), Destiny (4 Months), Kayla (2)
    Working Laid off from Agilent Technologies
    Retirement Plans LOL--No Retirement when laid off

    CO is great, weather is much nicer than MI. We breed Pugs; camp & go quadding

    Debbie Hubble    Florida


    Marital status Single
    Kids Mark 43, Kevin 40, Mandy 33
    GrandKids Savannah 13, Emrik 9
    Working Retired 2006 from Boynton Beach Fire Rescue (Assistant Fire Marshal) Currently working at Lowe's (part-time)
    Retirement Plans

    After High School, I moved to Florida and had a career in the fire service. Retired in 2006, sold my condo and bought a house in Asheville, NC. Recently purchased a condo on a great short-sale in Lake Mary, Florida just north of Orlando. I have my house in Asheville up for sale and I'm moving back to be closer to my family.

    Chuck Hulett    Big Bear Lake, California


    Marital status: Married 10-5-83
    Spouse: Teresa Hulett
    Kids: 1 son, Alex Hulett 8-3-88
    GrandKids: None yet

    Got tired of living and working in the snow in Michigan. Moved to Southern California in 1972.
    Moved to Big Bear Lake in 1991 and bought Cal-Pines in 1994.

    I retired from Cal-Pine Chalets and Vacation Rentals 12/15/2014 

    Anyone from our class that can make it to Big Bear still has a place to stay for free!

    Becky Humphrey    Grand Ledge, Michigan


    Marital status Married - Sept. 5, 1969
    Spouse William (Bill) Bouck
    Kids Heather (Bouck) Pettinger - 32 yrs old, Thomas Bouck - 29 yrs old
    GrandKids Heather has 3: Lexis (8), Sadie (4), Cassidy (2), and Tom has one: Shelbie (6)
    Working Bill and I are both retired - he retired from Eaton Co. Sheriffs Dept after 25 years and when he retired I quit!!
    We are both working again - he full time doing siding on new homes and I am working part time cleaning. I work for two different builders and clean the new homes before the homeowners move in.
    Retirement Plans Don't know if we will ever really retire. I am not good at sitting - not yet anyway!! So will keep doing something for as long as I can. Not sure about Bill - he and his TV remote are pretty close
    Hobbies I enjoy taking care of the grandkids which I seem to have a lot!! We built a new house 2 years ago and I am working on that. I enjoy decorating,painting, wallpapering, etc. Also do some sewing. Always something to do. I also spend a lot of time in the yard. I enjoy the outdoors. My parents are down the street. They built a new home a year ago and moved back here from Florida. My Dad is going through the cancer thing so I spend time down there everyday. That pretty much takes care of my spare time!

    Bill was born and raised in Grand Ledge so that is how we ended up here. We like the town and have family here so it has worked out well.

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    Karen Jameson    LaPlata, MD


    Marital status Married 32 years
    Spouse Peter Traggorth
    Kids Jennifer Winfield, 30, Peter Traggorth, Jr. (Skip), 26
    GrandKids Benjamin Baxter Winfield, Born May 29, 2003
    Working J. C. Penney Replenishment/Management
    Retirement Plans We would like to travel & enjoy our kids and grandkids. 2018 hopefully will be the year!
    Hobbies A love of mine since high school has been music. I continue by playing clarinet in a community band. Also, travel & church activities.

    We moved to southern MD because of employment opportunities. We have lived here 20 yrs.

    Brad Janetzke    Lansing, Michigan


    Marital status Divorced
    Working I work for a collector of military vehicles and motorcycles as a restorer
    Retirement Plans I have no plans to retire in the near future.
    Hobbies I enjoy watching NASCAR and NHRA drag racing. I also crew and help maintain an offshore boat based out of Grand Haven.

    Jim Jeltema    


    Marital status married since 1981
    Spouse Candy (home town: Winnetka, IL)
    Kids two grown sons: Jim Jr (works in film production in L.A.); Johnny (intern at Goldwater Institute in Phoenix in policy communications)
    GrandKids still just "twinkles in the eye"
    Working Own and operate Clearbrook Golf Club & Restaurant in Saugatuck Township, MI (just south of Holland)

    Come play, eat, & drink. www.clearbrookgolfclub.com

    Harold (Bud) Jenks    Lansing, Michigan


    Marital status Divorced
    Significant other Kathy Ferris
    Kids Six: 29, 29, 27, 27, 22, 11
    GrandKids Nine: 6 boys & 3 girls 11 months to 11 yrs.
    Working State of Mich. - my own electrical contracting biz
    Retirement Plans Ride my Harley
    Hobbies Ride in with my Club Brotherhood M.C.

    Electrical contractor - Triangle Electric

    Harold (Bud) Jenks
    Licensed Electrical Contractor
    Triangle Electric - Lansing
    I do all types of repairs, remodels, and new installations both residential and commericial, 24hr Emergency Service
    Reasonable Rates and Senior Discounts
    (517) 719-3307

    Joanne Johnstin
    Lansing, Michigan


    Marital status Married
    Spouse Ronald Wheeler
    Kids 3 girls: Melanie (21), Wendy (25), Carrie (27)
    Working Working - We own our own business: Wheeler Real Estate Services, LLC
    Retirement Plans Travel, relax
    Hobbies - Spare Time What spare time? We travel; go on cruises with a group of friends.

    My 3 girls all went to Waverly and were cheerleaders. I cheered with them a couple of times at homecomings. I've worked for Waverly schools in different capacities, but not as the teacher I thought I'd be when I graduated from WMU.

    To email pictures or update your biography please email Pam@Whisnant.org

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