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Laura Kapps    Lansing, Michigan

Sheri Freels and Lauri

Marital status Married 26 yrs.
Spouse Douglas
Working Semi-retired/Work part-time at Christian Pre-School/Day Car.
Retirement Plans Move out west or at least winter there.
Hobbies Travel, entertaining guests, enjoy plays/movies, attending nephews' sporting events, art projects, flower gardening & reading.

John Keast    Lansing, Michigan


Marital status Married
Spouse Adele Keast Married wife whose house is only 6 miles from work.
Kids Four kids: Nathan (23), Chad (25), Ryan (28), Jeremy (30). Two stepkids: Scott (28), Arron (29)
GrandKids Two grandkids: Kayleigh (16 mo), Cody (2). Four stepgrandkids: Maya (16 mo) Athena (16 mo), Chase (4), Montanna (7)
Working Lansing School District
Retirement Plans Travel to all out of state classmates' homes and stay until kicked out!
Hobbies Boating (jet boat, pontoon & sail boat), grandkids

Steve Kelbert    Lansing, Michigan

Steve Kelbert

Marital status Married
Spouse Phyllis Kelbert
Kids Jennifer Poole 30), Sondra Kelbert(28)
GrandKids Joshua Poole (8), Isaiah Poole (3), Jacobe Butler (3)
Working GM
Retirement Plans Don't know yet
Hobbies Golf

Jens Kulik    Neumunster, Germany


No comments were made on the return form.

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Nancy Landis   Williamston, Michigan


Marital status: Married
Spouse or significant other's name: Bob Karkau (Class of '69)
Number and ages of kids: Two girls 31 & 38
Number and ages of grandkids: Two (one of each) 15 & 18
Are you working or retired? Working
If working - where? Essex Hair Design & Day Spa (owner)
What do you do or plan to do in retirement? Travel, relax, take care of the books while our girls run the salon.
What hobbies do you have or how do you spend your spare time? Walking, reading, biking, sporting events.
How did you end up living where you are now? Being closer to the grandkids.
If you have a business that your classmates might want to patronize please tell us about it:
Essex Hair Design is a full-service salon located in East Lansing in the Hannah Plaza (behind the old USA Cafe).


Marital status Married
Spouse Bob Karkau (Class of '69)
Kids 2 girls 23 & 30
GrandKids 2 (one of each) 7 & 10
Working Essex Hair Design. Essex Hair Design is a full-service salon located in East Lansing in the Hanna Plaza (behind the old USA Cafe)
Retirement Plans Travel, relax
Hobbies After 35 yrs. Of cutting hair, I'm just in the management of it. Hopefully in about 10 yrs., our daughters that work for us will take over and we can travel.

Christine Lietzau    Lansing, Michigan


Marital status Single
Working Michigan Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Development Division. I manage the Select a Taste of Michigan program. This is an advertising and marketing campaign designed to increase awareness and sales of Michigan-grown food products. I work with Meijer, Spartan, D&W and other retailers to conduct in-store tastings and demos.
Retirement Plans When I retire - if I ever can afford to - I will buy a larger motor home and travel and continue exhibit my Giant Schnauzers.
Hobbies I have bred and shown Giant Schnauzers throughout the world under the kennel name of "Momentumm". I train and compete both in conformation and performance events including police work. I author training, grooming and showing articles/videos for various canine publications. Finally, I also do competitive dog grooming. That's it for any and all spare time.

I've lived and worked in Oregon, Colorado and various cities in Michigan. My current job brought me back to Lansing.

Cheryl Leikam    Grand Rapids, Michigan


Marital status Divorced
Kids 2 girls: Danielle Mora (34), JoAnna Montgomery (31)
GrandKids Three: boy & girl (8), boy (4-1/2)
Working Visiting Nurse Service
Retirement Plans Travel, relax, volunteer (if able)
Hobbies Trying to get into showing dogs. Also spend time working at water gardening.

My oldest daughter lived here when I came back north from Florida.

David Leisman    St. Johns, Michigan


Marital status Married
Spouse Karen
Kids Jeni (25), Anne (23), Nathan (21)
GrandKids Zach (3), Madison (2)
Working Valley Farms Baptist Church, Senior Pastor
Retirement Plans Not planning on retirement for sometime yet.
Hobbies I fly (private pilot - instrument/multi-rated) and work lots with amateur radio (Extra Class License).
How did you end up living where you are now I was working in Edmore, MI, and my wife was working in Lansing. So, we decided to split the commute, and Northern Clinton County was ideal spot. We have our nice home on 40 acres, where the deer and pheasant play except during hunting season.
Business you'd like classmates to patronize? This is a good one. - Yes - I'd like all of them to patronize my business. Matter of fact I pray for that regularly

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Rodger MacLennan    Mesa, Arizona


Marital status Married for 22 years (one & only marriage)
Spouse Jill
Kids Megan (almost 19), Marla (17+), & Logan (7+)
Working Working, but I'd rather be retired!! Echostar Communications Corp. (I'm paid by Echostar, but am in the Dish Network end of the company)
Retirement Plans Golf, go to Diamondback games; travel, work around the house!
Hobbies Swimming, reading, T.V. , movies and Honey dos.
How did you end up living where you are now? My parents had retired out here, I came out in May of 85 and liked it, so when I went back to Fort Wayne, Indiana where Jill & I were living at the time I gave my employer 30 days' notice and here we are 18 years later.

I still keep in touch with Jens Kullik, but not as often as I should.

Jim Makarauskas    


Marital status Married
Spouse Andrea
Kids 2...ages 19 and 17
GrandKids 0
Working St. Johns Public Schools--teacher and coach

It just keeps getting better.

Stephen Mann    Lansing, Michigan


Marital status Married
Spouse Sheila Mann
Kids Three: 27, 26,
GrandKids 0
Working United States Postal Service
Retirement Plans Move to AZ
Hobbies Golf, baseball

Judy Mayes    Perry, Michigan


Marital status Married 26 yrs.
Spouse Dave
Kids Son-25yrs. & Daughter-22 yrs
GrandKids None
Working Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Retirement Plans Move up north and live in the Higgins Lake area.
Hobbies My Hobbies are attending MSU basketball & hockey games, concerts & movies. Our family enjoys summer weekends at our cottage on Higgins Lake
If you have a business that your classmates might want to patronize please tell us about it:
Internet Shopping Website, Web address is www.quixtar.com ID# 1049918

Dean Mellor    

Bill Monroe     Crystal, MI


Marital status Still married to my wife, Vicky, now 31 years
Spouse Vicky Daymon (who went to jr. high with us)
Kids John is going to be 41. He's worked at GM almost 20 years and has 3 kids. Randy is going to be 39, works as a carpenter for a remodeling contractor and also has 3 kids. Selina is going to be 38 and works for Ingham County Friend of the Court (case worker). She has 2 kids. Daughter Nichol has 5 kids.
GrandKids Thirteen (see above)
Working I retired from GM in 2006 after taking a 2-year assignment in Shreveport, LA. I took a part-time job with Walmart in Alma, MI
Retirement Plans

I live in Crystal, MI. in a retirement home I built. I still get together with Mike Zimmerman and golf as much as possible in the summer.


Marital status: Married (2nd time) 24 yrs.
Spouse Vicky Daymon (who went to Jr. High with us)
Kids Four
GrandKids Thirteen
Working Working - 35 yrs at GM
Retirement Plans Presently I'm attending L.C.C.. so I can get a license to sell real estate. I thought I would do that for a few years after I retire. (expect to retire from GM in about 4 or 5 years )
Hobbies Golf, fishing, hunting and working at our place up north

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Chris Nelson    Grand Ledge, Michigan
My constant companion and best friend Zeus. Only 176 pounds.
Favorite word "WOOF". He is always on the lookout for deer, squirrels, cats, and visitors likely to pet him or play tug of war with his teddy bear.

Among his hobbies is watching from my car when I go in a store. He enjoys woofing, sometimes startling people out of their shoes. Little do they know he just wants to play and see if they bought him anything.

After graduating from MSU, I went to work in purchasing at GM. It seemed like a nice secure place to work. After a little over a year they layed me off. Thus came the first and only time I ever collected an unemployment check. No more car industry for me.

I went to work for Transamerica Insurance Company and later American States Insurance company as mid management. That was fun. Company car, expense account, great benefits, great chance for further advancement, super working conditions, so naturally I got bored and quit.

I went back to MSU and studied computer science, then in 1982 opened my own company, Capital Software Inc. We write programs for insurance companies and agencies.

In my spare time I write web sites. I still collect militaria and attend meets all over the US.  My wife Marilyn passed away in 2004. So it's just me and my Great Dane, Zeus. Plus lots of good friends.

Patricia Pantalone    Lansing, Michigan


Marital status Married
Spouse: Greg
Kids Nicole (40), Shannon (39), and Steve (35). Girls are still married and very happy
GrandKids Carly our oldest Grandchild is a senior this year. Kyle will be a senior next year. Twins, Megan and Sam will be in the 10th grade.
Working Still working , States I have are IN, MI. Ohio and KY--very busy!
Hobbies Spend as much time as we can on our boat in the summer, travel in the Winter.
Retirement Plans We travel and we have a boat in Grand Haven, Mi.

I Grew up here and Greg was on the Lansing Fire Dept. for 25 years--retired 5 years ago. We spend as much time as we can on our boat in the summer, travel in the Winter. All is well--nothing has changed.


Marital status Married
Spouse Greg
Kids Nicole (33) married to Rob Leppala , Shannon (32) married to Jeff Clemmons, and Steve (28) - not yet married.
Working Working, District Manager for all of Mi, part of Ohio and part of In. - National Marketing Services (360 stores)
Retirement We travel and we have a boat in Grand Haven Mi.

All is well with us, we have been married 34 years.

Sherry Patrick    

No picture available

Marital status Married for 35 years and still in love.
Spouse John Sweet
Kids Patrick is 43, John is 42, Jim is 41, Shane Rebecca is 37. Lost our daughter Heather 10 years ago to breast cancer, she was 26.
GrandKids OMG they are older than I am...I hate to tell everyone that my oldest grandson Sean is 21! Then Kasey Anne is going to be 20 in a few months (she has a 6 month old son, our 1st great grandchild). Bryant is 17, Nicholas is 16, Mathew is 15, Forrest is 12, Emily is 7, Brookie is 6 and little Kyle is 3.
Working I am still working because I insisted on a new condo and now we have a huge mortgage! Besides, I am not a housewife...(I can't cook)
I work at Sparrow Health System--they own me Monday through Friday. I gave up weekends and being on call years ago, so my life is somewhat normal now.

Managed to make it through college (MSU) with a small child, part-time job and a little apartment. Talk about doing it the hard way! Emergency medicine was a huge attraction ever since college when I rotated through Sparrows ER. I never thought I would end up back there supervising ER and Trauma.

My family is my life. Big brother Jeap, little brother Ty, and Lonnie's family (lost Lonnie to an agent orange brain tumor after Viet Nam) are all I have left. And of course all of our spouses, amazing children and grandchildren. We are an amazing and amusing group. Talent and looks!!!

Sharon Peterman    Lansing, Michigan


Marital status Happily Married
Spouse Ron Olson
Kids Tina Draher (33), Dan McFall (29)
GrandKids Kayla Draher (11), Megan McFall (11), Tim McFall (9), Julia McFall (6), Erica Olson (17), Janessa Olson (13), Morgan Olson (12), Corban Olson (8), Jynell Ruggles (18), Nick Ruggles (16)
Working The John Henry Co., Lansing
Retirement Plans travel
Hobbies Most of our spare time is spent doing church work. We also have a trailer parked at our church's campground in Hastings, MI. We spend a lot of weekends there.

We were looking for a duplex so my mom & handicapped sister could live next door. Also, we wanted a house with a wood basement. So we had this condo built.

John Phillips    Lansing, Michigan


Marital status Married
Spouse Catherine
Kids Wendy (30) and Stacey (27)
GrandKids Stephanie (9)
Working BOC in Lansing
Retirement Plans Electrician
Hobbies Traveling

Mark Phillips    Ferndale, Michigan


Marital status Married
Spouse Catherine
Kids 2 daughters: Sarah (23), Annie (19)
Working Middle School science teacher (Birmingham, MI) - Teacher of the Year 2003 (see attached article)
Retirement Plans Pursue hobbies, relax
Hobbies Camping, canoeing, fishing, hunting

Attended graduate school in S.E. Michigan after living in Arizona, Virginia and Upper Michigan.
I'm active in my church and enjoy history research

Jan Plenar    Merrillville, Indiana


Marital status: Married
Spouse or significant other's name: Tom Megyesi
Number and ages of kids or step-kids: 3 kids: daughter (32), son (30) son (28)
Are you working or retired? Working
If working - where? State Farm Insurance
What do you do or plan to do in retirement? Spend time with grandchildren, travel and pursue my hobbies.
How did you end up living where you are now? Tom's job brought us from Mi to IN
What hobbies do you have or how do you spend your spare time? Spend time with grandchildren, E-Bay seller, sew.


Marital status Married
Spouse Tom Megyes
Kids 3 kids: daughter (24), son (22), son (21)
Working State Farm Insurance
Retirement Plans Travel, pursue my hobbies
Hobbies Reading, sports, "antiques"

Tom's job brought us from Mi to IN

Ed Pike    Rogers City, Michigan


Marital status Married
Spouse Patty
Kids 2- Brian (18) and Valery (15)
Working Retired from Mich. D.N.R. - now farming. I was transferred to area while working for DNR, liked the area and stayed
Retirement Plans More bird watching, hunting and fishing.
Hobbies Bird watching and research on birds using banding to mark individual birds; participate in Christmas and Spring bird counts. Also hunting and fishing

My wife (Patty) makes goat milk soap using various molds and scents.
Check out her web site www.naturesecho.com.

Grant Putman     Wixom, Michigan


Marital status: Still single--looking for a independent lady with tons of extra $.
Kids:Three daughters: Karah 24, Kate 22, Kody 19. Karah will be married Sept. 2011 and she is working, Kate graduated MSU and has a good job. Kody is still a work in progress.
Working: Laid off from Elopak after 30 years, so I guess I am retired. Golf and worry about the kids.
Hobbies The kids, playing golf, assembling and repairing golf clubs, classic cars, home projects.

After college it was New York, Kalamazoo, and then New Hudson, Michigan following new employment. I have been living in Wixom for the past 30 years.


Marital status Single
Kids Three daughters: Karah 17 Kate 15, Kody 12
Working Working at Elopak, Inc. 24 years. New Hudson, Mi (between Brighton and Novi)
Retirement I have a 12 year old - no retirement!
Hobbies The kids, playing golf, assembling and repairing golf clubs, classic cars, home projects

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Ken Ralston    Leslie, Michigan


Marital status Married
Spouse Linda Klaker
Kids 1 daughter, Amy Lane
GrandKids 1 granddaughter, Mackinley Ann (4 1/2)
Working I'm retired. I started a vinyl siding business since retiring.
Retirement Plans Fish, hunt, travel, camp, and build a cabin.
Hobbies Fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, working on cars

Moved because wanted out of the city of Lansing.

Monica Root    Lansing, Michigan


Marital status Happily divorced for 31 yrs.
Kids Tara Hart (40), Jud Hart (35). Tara got married for the 1st time in January 2011. We welcomed Joey Draper into our family.
GrandKids Jud's girls are Samantha (5), Zoe (4)
Working Retired from State of Michigan in 2002. Still have active Real Estate License.
Retirement Plans Currently watching the grandkids and organizing trips for different organizations and groups.
Hobbies Traveling at least 6 or 7 times during the yr.(Fla, N.C, N.V. etc) Looking for the right destination to spend at least 1 month during the winter escaping the snow. Still gardening and shabby sheek shopping.

Terry Rouhier    

Karen Rowell    Waupun, WI

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Kris Schneider    Grand Ledge Michigan


Marital status Divorced
Spouse Good Riddance!
Kids Kerry Miriam

I'm a proud member of the 2001 Tony Award winning Victory Gardens Playwrights Ensemble.

My latest work, Voice of Good Hope, which is based on the life of the late Texas congresswoman, Barbara Jordan, premiered there and was nominated for the 2000 Joseph Jefferson Award for Best New Work.

My first play, Niedecker, made its Chicago debut at The Writer's Theatre with me appearing in the title role. It was a finalist for both the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, the National Arts Club's Joseph Kesselring Award, and a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship.

My fourth play, Emma's Child, which had a nine-month run at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, played to critical acclaim at Victory Gardens Theater in Chicago. Emma's Child is the winner of the 1995 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, a 1997 Illinois Arts Council Fellowship, the 1997 RESOLVE "Award for Excellence in the Arts," the 1997 Cunningham Prize for Playwriting from DePaul University, and the 1997 After Dark "Award for Outstanding New Work." Under Glass, a companion piece to Emma's Child was nominated for the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize and will premiere at Luna Stage in New Jersey later this year.

My play, Apparitions, was commissioned by and premiered at Peninsula Players in Door County. Among Friends was commissioned by and premiered at Victory Gardens and is the winner of the 1997 Scott McPherson Memorial Award.

I have also written for television and video. Current credits include narration for the Joffrey Ballet's The Nutcracker, which airs annually across the nation in mid-December. I am the proud recipient of the 2002 CINE Golden Eagle Award and the Communicator Crystal Award for "Best External Communication and Fund-raising" for "On The Shoulders of Giants," Lincoln Park Zoo; and the 2002 Communicator Crystal Award for "Best Internal and Employee Communication" and the 2002 Silver Plaque Award, Chicago International Film Festival, for "Risk-E Business."

I am also an actress in Chicago. I recently performed the roles of Terri in Jeff Sweet's Immoral Imperatives for Victory Gardens, and Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare's Macbeth for First Folio Shakespeare Festival.

My other Chicago credits include Hannah Jarvis in Tom Stoppard's Arcadia for the Goodman Theatre, Barbara Hoyle in Jon Robin Baitz's Three Hotels for Apple Tree Theatre, Sarah Bernhardt in John Murrell's Memoir for Writers' Theatre, Mistress Page in The Merry Wives of Windsor, Regan in King Lear, and Kate in Taming of the Shrew for Chicago Shakespeare Theater.

My true passion lies in the raising of my eleven year-old daughter, Kerry Miriam, who is half artist, half entomologist.

I am about to be divorced, and good riddance! I wish I could be with my '68 classmates tonight, and raise a glass to Sally Schmierer, Linda Rider and Sandy Foster.

Yo Pam, yo Bev, yo Dave. If Jon Jones shows up and I'm not there, I'll kill him! Yo Teri Franks, Susan Hanes, Susie Stowell, yo Jackie Brown, yo Sherri Smith. Have a great time, everybody. See you in five years!

Doug Sharp     Lansing, Michigan


Marital status Married
Spouse Vivian W. Sharp
Kids Karen 32, Linda 30
GrandKids Julia 17 months, Kayla 4 months
Working Michigan DNR, (DIT) Systems Analyst/Database Designer

After I got out of the Navy, we decided to return back to Lansing to go back to MSU. Eventually we wanted to buy a house, but after searching for a while, my dad offered the back portion of his lot. So we built there and have been there ever since.

I associate with a group of scientists who challenge the theory of evolution and propose alternative theories. I have a web site and public access TV show called Revolution Against Evolution. The web site is http://www.rae.org. I sell copies of my book and TV programs on the web site.

Tom Slater    Traverse City, Michigan

Tom 2008 at Bill Adcock's

Marital status divorced - single
Kids Wendy Elizabeth Marie (Slater) Gerber (27), Matthew Thomas Fitzke-Loll (19)
GrandKids Hannah Marie Gerber (6 months)
Working Yes. Mostly (currently) retired; I build portage karts for kayaks, freelance model. Volunteer/member at local food co-op (150+ hrs./yr.) and cop wood, carry water (many hours)
Retirement Plans chop wood, carry water, bicycle, kayak, hike, write, garden, socialize, inspire, be inspired, relate.
Hobbies Swimming, reading, T.V. , movies and Honey do's

The family began vacationing here (T.C.) in 1960, year round. I found a paradise here then so I moved here Spring 1970 to stay.

Thus begins my 22nd year of living in a 20 ft. Sioux Tipi year around. I'm in my 8th year of not owning a motorized vehicle.

Sherri Smith    Traverse City, Michigan

2003 Marital status Married
Spouse Jerry Freels
Working Intermittently employed. Estate sales for an antique appraiser
Retirement Plans Travel and enjoy each moment
Hobbies Reading, sewing, gardening, traveling, garage sales(!) I thank God for His Grace and Mercy!

Moved to T.C. n '73 when my first husband was transferred with So-Fro Fabrics to open a new store. Love it here!
Sherri has some Great Hobbies!

Sandy Southwell    Holt, Michigan

2011 Marital status I am single.
Kids 1 daughter
GrandKids Still no grandchildren
Working Retired from the State of Michigan. I am no longer looking for anything part-time (I did have fun with several jobs though!)
Retirement Plans Lots of volunteer work, travel, relax and try new hobbies.
Hobbies Quilting, gardening, travel and volunteer work.


Marital status Married Spouse Dennis Ranville
Kids: 1 daughter (18)
GrandKids NONE!
Working Recently retired from the State of Michigan. Looking for part-time employment - maybe Target!
Retirement Plans Lots of volunteer work, travel, relax and try new hobbies.
Hobbies Recently began taking violin lessons, quilting, hosting foreign exchange students
How did you end up living where you are now? Close to employment

Michael Spagnuolo   Dansville, Michigan

Marital Status: Married
Spouse or significant other's name: Judi Brandon for 26 years
Number and ages of kids or step-kids: My son Brandon Spagnuolo is studying medical radiology, and my 19 year-old daughter Olivia Spagnuolo is starting her college studies to become a zoologist.
Are you working or retired? Working--I earned a Bachelor Degree from Michigan State University majoring in Philosophy and Social Science, and subsequently earned a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Western Michigan University. I've been employed with Michigan State Government for 36 years working as a computer programmer, IT manager, and currently as an IT project manager.
What you want others to know about you or your life after high school:
I've continued my interest in philosophy, economics and history. I also enjoy bicycling particularly with my daughter Olivia, hiking and Western European Swordsmanship which I've been fortunate to enjoy with many valued friends.

June 7, 2010

I've been very well. My 18 year old daughter graduated high school today (she received 4 scholarships 1 of which is good for the first 2 years at L.C.C.) & she plans on getting her PhD in zoology. Yesterday she was at the state track finals for the third year in a row.

My son is in college & working part time. After 20 years as a programmer & 12 as an IT (Information Technology) manager I've been doing mostly IT project management for the last year.

Next month I'll have 35 years in w/the State of Michigan.

The majority of my free time & social events is w/my sword friends (Western European Swordsmanship classes & practice that includes swords, shields, 6 foot poll arms, hand to hand & knife fighting -- we use practice weapons). So many of my 'opponents' & dearest friends are in their twenties & thirties (I am very very lucky).

One of my sword friends (the tradition in this community is to refer to ourselves are sword cousins) became such a dear friend that we kind of adopted each other as sword siblings so I often call her Sis & she'll sometime refer to me as bro & sometimes signs her e-mails w/Hugs & God Bless, Your Sis Ginny. However, that means that I'm often fighting friends in their twenties & thirties (e.g., Friday I fought my friend Rose, we were in basic sword class together, & she's 21.

We both fought single sword & she won 60 to 70% of the rounds, she our class champion & standard bearer, but at one point she called herself dead but my arm was moving & I got her a death blow again except this time my sword hit her in the solar plexus. She told not to worry & was ok but needed to recover for a few minutes -- I still felt so so bad.)

My old friends are in their forties or are 50 or 51. Can you believe that we are in our.... a few weeks ago, after a long day, I thought to myself " I feel like I'm 60" & then realized that this June I'll be 60 & can no longer honestly say (although I probably will say.) I'm in my fifties. Where did the years go!!! Sorry for running on.

One of my friends at work tells me that when I talk about my sword group 20 years fall off my age -- I suspect she's right.

I hope you are doing very well. It's great that you are willing & able to do the work to keep the communications open & events going. Who knows, maybe some day I'll attend my first high school reunion :-)

Take care & best of luck in all your endeavors,


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Jerry Tanner    Snellville, Georgia


Marital status Married
Spouse Holly (my bride of 33 years) are enjoying not working. We live 4 miles from our daughter and son-in-law. Life is GOOD!!
Working I am retired !!!
Titles designations professional titles Masters in Healthcare Administration. Always in sales/marketing or community relations.
Bucket List I still have not gone white water rafting, spent a week on a dude ranch (remember Spin & Marty?) or been to the grand Ol' Opry
Funniest Thing that happened Let's talk about this one over a cup of coffee and some carrot cake!

I am most proud of: Raising a daughter that turned out to be everything you would want in a daughter (now a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner). I finally grew up - and enjoyed it!


Marital status Married 27+years
Spouse Married to a wonderful gal named Holly.
Kids A daughter, Sage - 24, an RN at Children's Hospital in Atlanta
Working I am working in Community Relations at Crittenton Hospital, in Rochester.
Holly retired a year ago from a teaching career
Retirement Plans Boy, would I like to be retired! I plan to retire in 2 years and will move to the Florida panhandle.
Hobbies We are avid sailors. We keep "Iolar" (a 36'sloop) in Lexington, on Lake Huron. We have been there for 16 years and will probably ship her south with us when we retire. I started guitar lessons 4 years ago - I am really terrible, but enjoy playing everyday

I hope everyone has had a really great life! Things have gone very well for us and I have some pretty good memories fromWaverly.

A brief life history - 4 years in the Air Force, graduated from MSU, then a masters from CMU 20 years later. I spent 19 years with a pharmaceutical company, 7 with the Mercy system and now almost 2 years at Crittenton. I've had more good fortune that I had the right to have. If it hadn't been my life, I would have wished it was!

P.S. If you're not able to attend the reunion in person or via video, please attach a current picture of yourself. I am more than a little challenged with technology. . . me?, scanning a picture? I look exactly the same, only with a lot less hair. Abercrombe & Fitch has never once asked me to pose for their catalog.

Toni Taylor    Rome, Georgia


I graduated from U of M with a degree in Fine Arts. Moved to Orlando, FL and worked in the defense industry for 19 years.

In 1975 I married Sonny and after all these years we're still together. No children, just one dog, our Australian Shepherd, Lucky. Have also lived in Denver, Colorado and Las Cruces, New Mexico doing graphic design work. We're currently living in the woods in Rome, Georgia.

I stopped working "real" jobs in 2004 to take care of my mother and I've continued my "retirement" since her death in 2007. We like to travel by motor home but have a hard time finding the time.

Connie Tousley     Lansing, Michigan


Marital status Widow (2002) (Married Name Kenyon)
Kids 2 grown daughters
GrandKids 2 grandsons ages 12 and 2 (almost) Sept 14 and Sept 11
Working Work for Clinton, Eaton, Ingham Community Mental Health in Lansing, MI(no plans to retire anytime soon)
Hobbies Gardening and reading and animals (1 pug, 1 puggle, and 4 cats) are my hobbies

My youngest daughter still lives with me.
Planning to get married sometime in the future and be an Army wife

George Vance    Indian River, Michigan


Marital status Married
Spouse Suzanne
GrandKids 9 grandchildren (15, 14, 13, 9, 9, 8, 6, 4, 3)
Working Retired.Worked at GM as a salaried Senior Labor Relations Rep for the corporation for 34 years!
Retirement Plans Golf, Boat, Snowmobile, Ski, Fish and just have fun!

Bought a house 9 yrs. ago and fell in love with the area and knew this is where I wanted to retire.

Fred Van Vleck     Sunfield, Michigan


Marital status Married
Spouse Sheila Jean Van Vleck (Forshey maiden name)
Kids One daughter, Tamarisk Leah Van Vleck
GrandKids Taliesin Archer Van Vleck (8/20/03-we are NEW grandparents!)
Working General Motors - Plant 3 - journeyman machine repairman
Retirement Plans Travel, play with my old Olds 1966
Hobbies Working, 1966 Olds, reading, movies, driving my '66 Olds and gun collecting.

Lanny Voss    Manistique, Michigan
2003 Reunion
210 Lanny with Bear
Lanny's new pal.
I dressed up like Uncle Sam and was riding in the rickshaw that I made in the Manistique Parade July 3, 2010
I painted up the rickshaw red white and blue with a red white and blue canopy that i had made. I threw out candy to the kids in town and had a great time.
My picture is in this Pioneer Tribune news paper in the upper right hand corner.
This was my first Parade that I was ever in, also this years is the 150 Town's Annversary Celebration!

Uncle Sam Lanny - Upper Right
Marital status Married
Spouse A. Catherine Voss
Kids Lanny has one son: Brandon Lee Voss, (25)
Catherine Has four: Paul, Jr., (42); Marty, (41); John, (27); Penny, (25)
Grandkids Catherine has Marty, Jr., (20); Dustin, (11); & Mariah, (4)
Working Retired
Retirement Plans
Plan on moving to the Upper Peninsula
How did you end up living where you are now?Potterville was close to where I work.
Hobbies do you have or how do you spend your spare time? Art work, fishing & building a cabin the Upper Peninsula
I have my art degree, was a cook in the NG Army, built and raced dune buggies, sailed boats, and skied all over the state of Mich.

Marliss Waldron    Charlotte, N Carolina


Marital status Married
Spouse Richard
Kids N/A
Working BB&T (Branch Banking & Trust Co.)
Retirement Plans Build a log cabin in the mountains of North Carolina and start a small seasonal business (to be determined). Travel in the off season
Hobbies Scrapbooking, golf, reading, several crafts.

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Linda Weeks    Laingsburg, Michigan


Marital status Married for 34 years
Spouse "Saint" for being with me for all these years or Michael Dickson
Kids Marc (32) & Katie Dickson, Tammy Dickson (31), Susan Dickson (27), Joseph Dickson (24)
GrandKids Carter (3-1/2), Emma (3), Abby (4 months)
Working My husband says I have never done a lick of work in my life!
Retirement Plans Read, Travel, Quilt and Enjoy the Grandkids!

I am wide as a barn, gray, old, lazy, knees and hips are shot but otherwise the same ole me.

Dave Weigel    Eaton Rapids, Michigan


Marital status Married
Spouse Laurel Ritter
Kids three children( 27, 25, 14)
GrandKids two granddaughters,(10 and 7)
Working Headquarters Michigan Army National Guard, Lansing. Chief operations sergeant major and schools manager for the MI Army National Guard.
Retirement Plans Not yet but in about three years if you need a good personal counselor specializing in geriatric and post retirement adjustment problems let me know. I will be retired by that time so I will charge less than other counselors.
Hobbies I try to spend as much time with my kids or grandkids - I do WWII living history presentations and displays, run, fish, hunt, bicycle.

I am a reasonably well-adjusted human being with all of the faults and attributes that covers. I am family focused but I have not been the poster child for family life in America. I learned much from my parents and grandparents but even more from my children. I spend time everyday learning something.

I am patient and persistent. I am not materialistic but I have possessions that are irreplaceable because they are from family and friends. I wear a military uniform for a living and I am very proud of that. I am more comfortable in a uniform than most of the world is in casual clothes. On occasions I am more comfortable in jeans and pull over hooded sweatshirt than my uniform. In a couple of years if you should come to me for counseling that is what I will be wearing. My bicycle will be in the corner and there will be Mountain Dew in the fridge.

My favorite saying is; Dance like no one is watching (ask my daughter about this one), love like you have never been hurt and live life like a participation sport!

Bill Weinman    


Marital status 39 years
Spouse Chris Putnam (Waverly class of 1970)
Kids Three daughters, 33, 31 and 30
GrandKids Two grandchildren ages 4 and 2
Working Retired from federal service (35 year law enforcement career, the last 23 with the Drug Enforcement Administration as a Special Agent). I now coach high school girls basketball in Colorado.
Hobbies I play golf 4-5 days a week.

Petra Ybarra    Diamondale, Michigan


Marital status Married, 31 years
Spouse Clete Boyer
Kids Two Children: Jason S. Boyer (28) and Lisa Y. Boyer (26)
GrandKids Gabriel S. Boyer
Working Retired: Analyst, 32 years at Family Independence Agency
Retirement Plans Now that I am retired I plan to enjoy my family, friends, garden and travel

Never left Lansing area. Families and jobs were always in Lansing.

Mike Young    


Marital status Married
Spouse Nancy
Kids Steve (24), Andy (22). Step: Jeff (25) and Lynnae (23)
GrandKids No grand kids. I'm too young!
Working I'm starting my 28th year of teaching and my 4th at Hudsonville Public Schools.
Retirement Plans When I retire I'll still work some but travel a lot and enjoy being with my wife and visiting our kids. I'd love to go on another singing tour with a Christian group
Hobbies Most Sports, tennis, basketball, skiing, woodworking, travel, photography and reading.

I wanted to live by my wife so she was in Grand Rapids so I found a job in the Hudsonville Schools.

I have been the Recreation Director at Sandy Pines Resort for about 15 years. It's a fun place to spend summers. I went to New Zealand and Figi on a Christian musical tour. I still love to sing and hope to continue to use God's gift.

Pam Zalewski    Carlsbad, California


What's Changed? Playing! Not working, moved to a new city, joined a women's club and have made tons of new friends. Learning to boogie board!
Titles designations professional titles Cashier, Dispensing Optician, Receptionist, Secretary, House Cleaner, Waitress, Administrator, Configuration Management Specialist, Computer instructor, Drug and Alcohol Counselor/Instructor, Wife, Mother and Grandmother.
Bucket List Yep, saw the movie and thought it was fantastic. My list would be to learn Italian, how to watercolor paint, surf.
Most Interesting Finding all nine of my 1/2 siblings (I was adopted at birth)

I am most proud of: My biggest accomplishment was becoming an instructor of Health Realization for Santa Clara County and I'm most proud of how great a grandmother I am!


Marital status Marital status: Remarried (third time is a charm and I finally got it right!)
Spouse Donald Whisnant (retired Major, Marine Corps)
Kids Son: Carey (34), Stepson: Brian (38), Stepdaughter: Dawn (40)
GrandKids Dylan (9), Tyler (7)
Working Pretty much retired, but work occasionally. I am a substitute instructor for Health Realization for Santa Clara County Drug and Alcohol Services Dept
Retirement Plans Hopefully teach more, travel more and volunteer someplace.
Hobbies Tole paint, mosaics, read, email friends and family, play electronic Scrabble, play cards, learn Spanish, eat out, movies

Husband #2 got a job in Mountain View, Ca. After we divorced, I stayed-I hate snow and cold!

Mike Zimmerman    Lansing, Michigan

Bill Monroe, Mike Zimmerman


Eileen (daughter) is a junior at MSU and works for the Delta Library. Kevin (son) graduated last year from MSU and actually got an advertising job in Dearborn for Team Detroit.

Both of my kids graduated from Waverly with honors unlike me. My father moved to GR my senior year and I ended up graduating there and then attended Grand Valley.

I am now working for Dema Engineering in St.Louis, however I still live in Lansing. My territorry is the Midwest US and eastern Canada.

I coach the Waverly Boys tennis team and was just voted the Michigan Senior tennis player of the year for 2010. I am currently ranked #1 in singles and doubles in the Midwest.

Heike (wife) is office manager for a chiropractor which comes in handy. We have been married 25 years in September and could not be happier.

Bill Monroe and I have been best friends since 1954!


Marital status Married
Spouse Heike
Kids Kevin (16)
Working Regional Sales Executing / Crown Chemical, Chicago, IL
Retirement Plans Tennis, golf, travel with wife, love grandkids
Hobbies Tennis, golf, wife, kids

I lived 12 years in Tampa, FL, lived 12 years in Europe. Tennis pro 15 years. Speak fluent German. Graduated 1968 - Union HS, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

To email pictures or update your biography please email Pam@Whisnant.org

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